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I have been experimenting with guitars and amplifiers as long as I can remember. Since I have a few guitar-orientated web pages and future experiments are planned, it was decided to make a dedicated guitar-oriented home page for the QRP/SWL HomeBuilder web site. The emphasis of these web pages will be towards clean and mostly jazz-oriented guitar sounds.

Warning: Tube amplifiers operate at high DC voltages. Repairing, modifying or building tube amps can be dangerous or in some cases fatal.

Be safe! Hire someone who is qualified to service your amplifier if your are unqualified and inexperienced. This information is presented for information and entertainment purposes only.

Guitar Amplifier Web Pages

  1. Fender AB763 Restoration  A 1964 Fender Deluxe Reverb is turned back into a tone machine
  2. Normal Channel AB763 Modification  Modification of the Normal channel of an AB763 for jazz guitar playing
  3. Polytone Mega-Brute Web Page  A web page dedicated to the Polytone Mega-Brute jazz guitar amplifier
  4. Early 1960s Fender Operators Guide  Interesting reading for Black face fans
  5. Restoration of a 1969 Deluxe Reverb amplifier  A post-CBS DR is restored to it's former glory
  6. A review of the Henriksen 12-R JazzAmp  A powerful 12 inch jazz guitar amp is evaluated and loved
  7. 1968 Fender Princeton Amp Restoration  A damaged Fender Princeton amp is resuscitated
  8. Fender Deluxe Reverb Speaker Blow Out  A simple photo series concerning a wrecked speaker cone

Mouse over the images below left to view a full size version.

Red Strat copy built mostly from Warmoth parts in 2007. Red was chosen as it is the body color of the Fender Stratocaster most often played by Mark Knopfler during the Sultans of Swing tour.

Close up of the White Pearloid pick guard. The guitar body material is Alder. Paint is the Warmoth solid color Dakota Red.

The neck is unbolted for a bridge pick up change. This is necessary on a short-scale guitar.

Close up of the Fender brand hard tail bridge and the pickups.  The neck and middle are Nordstrand NVS hot pickups that I purchased from Steamco Music. The bridge pup is currently a 20 year old "super hot" DiMarzio. The bridge pickup is changed annually for variety.

Teeth give a raw tone unlike a pick or fingers. You can see the jumbo frets well from this angle.

The neck is quarter sawn maple. There is some nice grain in it. Frets are Warmoth 6100 jumbos. Other features include a compound radius fingerboard, vintage tint paint job and a 24.75 inch scale.

Guitar strings are too tempting....

Here comes the attack.

It's very difficult to change guitar strings while under cat attack!

A Few Good Links

  1. Tube amp debugging web site  A good resource
  2. Antique Electronic Supply  Online store - good inventory of tubes and parts for tube guitar amp builders
  3. The Music-Electronics Forum  provides great support to those wishing assistance with projects


Click on the above transformer picture for a link to Hammond's tube amp transformer and choke web page
They have the Fender, Vox and Marshall part numbers cross referenced for easy selection. I have installed several of these bad boys and they are first rate transformers.